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Truant, Wayward and Disobedient Youth - TriCounty
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Truant, Wayward and Disobedient Youth

The WAYWARD/DISOBEDIENT Youth Program is offered to parents or guardians of children that exhibit dangerous behavior.  Assistance and guidance is provided to parents in the process of filing a Wayward/Disobedient Petition with the State of Rhode Island.

The Petition is a legal charge a parent or guardian can file against their child if he or she exhibits the following behaviors: engaging in serious behavior that would be considered disobedient to the lawful commands of the family, persistent running away, truancy from school, substance abuse, not keeping curfew, or emotional or physical violence directed at the family. The parent/guardian would meet with a case manager to review and complete the Petition and assess the problem. The Petition is then filed in family court by the local police department. The case manager will work with the family to bring services into the home while the Petition is being processed.

There is no fee for this program and the child must be below 18 years of age.

The Wayward/Disobedient Youth Program is available at TCCAA for residents of Johnston, North Providence, Smithfield, Scituate, Foster, and residents of Washington County.

For more information on the Youth Diversionary, or the Wayward/Disobedient Youth Programs and locations for services, contact us at 401-519-1903.