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Senior Medicare Patrol (preventing medical fraud) - TriCounty
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Senior Medicare Patrol (preventing medical fraud)

The Rhode Island Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program helps Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries recognize and report Medicare and Medicaid fraud, waste, and abuse. Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse includes incorrectly reporting of a diagnosis, procedure, treatment, or medication by a medical provider in order to get a higher payment, billing for individual mental health services when group counseling was provided, billing for brand name prescriptions when generic medications were dispensed, using another Medicare or Medicaid card to get services, or double-billing Medicare, Medicaid and a private insurance carrier for the same services.  The Tri-County SMP counselors can assist in reporting suspected cases of Medicare fraud, and can educate clients on safeguarding themselves to Medicare fraud in the future.

Volunteer opportunities are available for this program.