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Boiler Procurement - TriCounty
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Boiler Procurement

Boiler Procurement

Tri-County offers a Boiler Replacement Program (BRP) to low income homeowners eligible for Heating Assistance and/or Weatherization services. Tri-County inspects and tests all combustion heating systems for safety and efficiency.

With the regard to primary heating systems, Tri-County may replace a heating system if at least one of the following conditions are met: (i) the existing heating system is beyond repair and cannot be made operationally efficient, (ii) the existing heating system can be repaired to operational efficiency but only at a greater cost than replacement, (iii) the existing heating system, even if repaired to operational efficiency, would present significant health and/or safety risks. The determination of necessity of replacement shall be made by a licensed heating technician.

With regard to replacement of a heating system; replacement units shall have an “Energy Star” efficiency rating (85% efficient) unless: (i) Natural Gas and Propane fired furnaces shall have an AFUE rating of at least 90%, per RI State Energy Code; (ii) a 90% efficient unit (sealed combustion) is justified based on documented health and safety concerns; (iii) a 90% efficient unit is cost comparable (within 10% of the cost) to an 85% unit (unless waived in writing by the Office of Energy Resources); (iv) funds other than those provided by the Office of Energy Resources will cover any additional costs; or (v) an “Energy Star” unit is not readily available (not listed on the Energy Star website). When replacing a heating system “fuel switching” will not be permitted; in exceptional circumstances, a waiver to this prohibition may be submitted to the Office of Energy Resources with a detailed assessment of the necessity of such “fuel switching.”

With the exception of “no heat/emergency installs”, heating systems will be installed during regular business hours (8 A.M. through 6 P.M., Monday through Friday).
All BRP activities provided by private contractors shall comply with the standards listed below. All Heating System contractors wishing to participate in Tri-County’s Boiler Replacement Program must be registered as an approved heating vendor in good standing with the RI Office of Energy Resources. For information on becoming an approved heating contractor, contact the RI Office of Energy Resources at 401-462-6420. In addition, all contractors shall:

(a)Warranty work and materials: The warranty shall be in writing and be signed by both the contractor and the client;
(b) Be licensed and/or bonded as required by pertinent laws, ordinances, or codes;
(c) Obtain required permits from authorities with jurisdiction as applicable;
(d) Meet the following minimum insurance coverage requirements:

1. Comprehensive General Liability

(a) Bodily Injury (each occurrence) – $500,000*
(b) Property Damage (each occurrence) – $500,000*
*In lieu of the $500,000 occurrence limits in (a) and (b),
The contractor may opt to obtain $1,000,000 Single Limit Liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

2. Workers Compensation Limits

(a) State – Statutory limits
(b) Applicable Federal (e.g. Longshoremen’s) –Statutory limits
(c) Employer’s Liability – $500,000 to Unlimited
(d) Have access to tools and equipment to enable them to comply with all applicable regulations and codes.
(e) Complete all work in accordance with DOE and federal program policies, standards and requirements.

No contractor will be paid for work until Tri-County completes a final inspection that verifies that the contractor’s work has been satisfactorily completed.