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Integrated Behavioral Health - TriCounty
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Integrated Behavioral Health

Providing support for your emotional health.

Tri-County Community Health Centers offer integrated behavioral health treatment for patients identified by their primary care provider as needing support in their emotional health.  Integrated Behavioral Health, or IBH, is a newly emerging approach to behavioral health management in that a team of health care professionals work together to create a patient centered, individualized care plan, addressing the specific needs of the patient, or the needs of your family.  Your counseling services will be provided by independent Licensed Clinical Social Workers who work closely with your Tri-County primary health care provider.

Patients may be referred for Integrated Behavioral Health treatment for a variety of reasons, including substance abuse outpatient counseling and treatment, ADHD, anxiety and depression, or for assistance in dealing with the pressures of parenting, relationships, stress or anger management, eating disorders or other health concerns.  We offer individual treatment sessions for all ages, family and couples counseling.

The Tri-County Integrated Behavioral Health Program serves clients throughout the State of Rhode Island.  Patients are eligible to participate in the IBH program if they receive their primary care here at Tri-County Community Health Center.  If a patient does not have health insurance, they will be placed on a sliding scale for payment based on their income.  No one will be denied services for inability to pay.

To schedule an appointment with an Integrated Behavioral health provider, please contact us at 401-519-1940.  

Services available at:

1126 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919
33 Maple Avenue, North Providence, RI