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Tri-County Governing Board of Directors - TriCounty
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Tri-County Governing Board of Directors

The Tri-County Board of Directors is comprised of 15 individuals that meet monthly to review Agency operations and reporting, including policy, procedures, agreements, financial statements and contracts.

Tri-County adheres to the Community Services Black Grant (CSBG) requirements of a Tripartite Board Structure.  In doing so, the Board shall be made up of one-third of representatives from low-income households; one-third of the Board members shall be elected public officials, or their representatives; one-third of Board members shall be private sector community representatives in such areas as business, finance, legal, health, education senior services, or community organizations.

In addition, 51% of Board members shall be Health Center patients and at least one Board member will be a current, or former Head Start parent or guardian.  Our Board of Directors are volunteers who believe in the values and mission of Tri-County; to empower those in need to achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency and quality of life.


Richard DelFino
Board Chair

Lynne Finnegan
Board Secretary


Amber Champlin

Ben Zanni

Cheryl Jackson

Christine Lennon

Diana Johnson

Ed Gemma

Paul Gott

Paul MacDonald

Dr. John Stoukides

Robert O’Brien

Saikon Gbehan Isijola

Jocelyn Tavares